The exploitation of phosphate is an important sector in the life of our country and represents today one of the links that must allow the revival of the entire economy.

However, TOGO recorded during the first 2000s just like on a vertiginous fall in the production of phosphate and the crisis of the sector pushed the government to the creation on March 14 2007 of a new company of management of phosphate called Société Nouvelle des Phosphates du Togo (SNPT).

Coming from the Togolese Phosphates Office (OTP) and the International Fertilizer Group-TOGO (IFG-TG), the Société Nouvelle des Phosphates du Togo (SNPT), has set itself the fundamental objective of enabling Togo to regain its place in phosphate production on the international market.

To achieve this, we have worked to rehabilitate the entire production tool (mine, plant, port facilities) and the redefinition of new social and commercial strategies.

The need to modernize our production tool in an obligation for a company of our size which must now face the onslaughts from competing companies. The SNPT, while giving primacy to its evolution, seizes the wonderful opportunity to participate actively in the creation of a better society, based on the progress and fulfillment of man because, everything done without the man is against man. Long life to SNPT.

Abalo Michel KEZIE